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Dealing with the “ROOTS” Healing & Relaxation Treatments

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modi wellness

Dealing with the “ROOTS” Healing & Relaxation Treatments

Book a therapist to visit you at your home or work place.

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About Us

Modi means roots in Setswana, and at Modi Wellness we believe that it starts from the roots. Established in 2014 by Itshokeng, Modi Wellness prides themselves on healing and bringing relaxation to clients, setting up the body to its maximal functioning level.

A healthy Mind, Body and Soul are a vital requirement of any productive person. The lack thereof may lead to loss of alignment, low functionality and loss of productivity. Modi Wellness is there to make our client’s lives easier by bringing the treatment to their door step, at their own convenient time. We bring our services to our client’s workplace and/or home. We believe that everything has the root cause, good or bad. Everything starts somewhere. As a team we strive to feed the Mind, Body and Soul with essential healing treatments.

“A healthy outside starts from the inside”

- Robert Urich

Modi Wellness: The Holistic Approach

Meet Itshokeng

I was inspired to start Modi Wellness, after experiencing an amazing healing process of reflexology and acupuncture whilst on my stay in New Delhi, India

During my 3 year stay, I suffered from a major back problem which led me to visit a local doctor. I met Dr. Kumar, who proposed to perform surgery to help ease the pain I was experiencing with my back.

After a later diagnosis, he recommended to try an alternative healing process. This alternative healing process would help with the root of my back pain. Dr Kumar introduced me to a qualified therapist who specialises in reflexology and acupressure. I was intrigued about this form of medicine and decided to attend a few healing sessions, to my amazement, I was healed without surgery or western medication.

This remarkable experience led to me on a journey to learn more about the healing principals of acupuncture and reflexology. Undergoing the positive impact it made in my health and wellbeing, I decided to study reflexology and acupressure. I wanted to bring it home to South Africa and share the wonders of this alternative medicine.

I’ve dedicated a great deal of time in learning more about the natural ways of healing the body and keeping it healthy. This has led me to understanding the Holistic approach of the body and its wellness

Qualifications & Experience

– Advanced Diploma in Acupressure and Reflexology (2004)-Indian Institute of Acupressure

– Social Work ( 3rd Year ) – UNISA/UWC

– HIV / AIDS Counselling – US AID Pepfar

– Experience working for Employee Wellness Programme Company

Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) – Wits Language School (2011)

“To have a renewed body, you must be willing to have new perceptions that give rise to new solutions”

- Dr. Deepak Chopra


It is important to know why we are always tired.

  • Why is my body always aching?
  • Why do I not sleep fully at night?
  • Why do I not get along with people I love etc?

We all need that sense of awakening at some point in our lives.
Dealing with the Roots.

Here is a list of our services to bring some healing and relaxation:


Based on the concept of life energy which flows through “meridians” in the body. In treatment, physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians.
*Treatment Length: 30 Minutes

Swedish Massage

Full body gentle massage technique, Focusing on improving circulation of blood and to promote relaxation.
*Treatment Length: 60 Minutes

Hot Stone Treatment

Used to help relaxation and ease muscle tension and repair damaged soft muscle tissue throughout the body
*Treatment Length: 60 Minutes

Deep Tissue

Slow Deep strokes used to relief longer term muscle tension 
*Treatment Length: 60 Minutes

Indian Head Massage

Focusing on the head, face, neck and shoulders to promote blood flow and relaxation.
*Treatment Length: 30 Minutes

Nail Bar

Enjoy a professional service that offers a range of products

While our main focus is body healing and relaxation, we offer a holistic service which allows for a top to toe, feel good, look great solution.


Enjoy a professional service that offers a range of products


Enjoy a skin care treatment tailor made for you

*Time Schedules for Services
The durations indicated are for the sessions, including the time needed for changing clothes, shower and a light snack.

“Where there’s no movement there’s pain. Where there’s movement there’s no pain”

- Traditional Chinese Saying

Modi Wellness Facilities

Presented below are our working facilities where we practice our “Dealing with ROOTS” Healing & Relaxtion Treatments

Our Therapy Room

Our Nail Bar

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“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart, give yourself to it”

- Buddha

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